​Lang Property Services LLC offers a wide range of services to our clients on a regular basis including snow removal, lawn maintenance, debris removal, winterizations, inspections, fall and spring clean up, gutters, remodeling, property preservation, and REO Management Services.

Initial REO Service

Lang Property Services LLC works with all involved to ensure the property is safe, secure clean, and on the market as fast as possible.  We secure the property, complete the trash out (removing debris and health hazards), and complete the initial cleaning service.  Depending on the time of year, an initial grass cut and/or winterization of the property may also take place.

Lang Property Services will also inspect the property for any damage that may be present paying special attention to emergency and safety issues - flooded basements, roof damage, unsecured property, missing hand-rails, smoke detectors and broken windows.  These issues can be address immediately while the contractor is still on-site.

REO Marketing Focus

Lang Property Services LLC offers an all in one program called "REO Marketing Focus".  This program was developed through years of experience and first hand management knowledge from the asset holder's perspective.  This goal of our "REO Marketing Focus" program is to improve a property's value, cub and interior appeal, and attract a wider market of prospective home buyers>  We use our extensive network of contractors, agents and appraisers to offer one of the most streamlined process in the market today.

In today's real estate market, it is more important than ever for REO properties to complete effectively against traditional market homes.  We offer many services for this program to include landscaping assessment, carpentry needs minor/major, light and fixture upgrades, plumbing a& HVAC inspections, painting or tough-up, and over all decorative insight to maximize the marketability of the property and minimize time on the market.

Lang property Services also offers property renovations and updates.  We have experienced, professional contractors specializing in home rehabilitation/remodeling and are able to transform a neglected home into a marketable property quickly and cost-effectively.

Lang Property Services LLC

Lang Property Services LLC strives to work alongside real estate professionals, vendors, title companies, law enforcement officials, and attorneys with one goal in mind: to minimize REO losses and maximize returns.  We have developed a number of initiatives within the REO process to improve time frames, quality of work , and most important of all.... Communication!  Lang Property Services LLC strongly believes that the communication process between agents, asset holders, contractors, and Lang Property Services LLC is key to all areas of success, ensuring an efficient and cost effective process.

REO Management Services