Lang Property Services LLC is focused on keeping a property in marketable condition.  This is a continuous effort and does not end with the initial REO service.  We maintain REO properties throughout their listing period, always focusing on curb appeal and marketability.  Some of our ongoing services, such as lawn maintenance and maid services are scheduled and completed on a regular basis.  Other services, including securing and de-winterization, are completed as needed, no matter the frequency.  Regardless of the service, Lang Property Services LLC's goal is to ensure each property remains secure and marketable from the initial service through the final inspection.


The intent of property preservation is to protect and preserve vacant properties.  Lang Property Services LLC works with the loan servicer and our network of contractors to ensure each property is secure and maintained on the interior as well as the exterior.  All work is completed in accordance with applicable investor and insurer guidelines  Our contractors evaluate and report any potential damages or issues so that they may be mitigated in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Lang Property Services LLC strives to work alongside real estate professionals, vendors, title companies, law enforcement officials, and attorneys with one goal in mind, to minimize REO losses and maximize returns.  We have developed a number of initiatives within the REO process to improve time frames, quality of work and most important of all...communication!  Lang Property Services LLC strongly believes that the communication process between agents, asset holders, contractors, and ourselves is key to all areas of success!


​Lang Property Services LLC offers a wide range of services to our clients on a regular basis including snow removal, lawn maintenance, debris removal, winterizations, inspections, fall and spring clean up, gutters, remodeling, property preservation, and REO Management Services.

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