Lang Property Services LLC

Lang Property Services LLC is focused on keeping a property in marketable condition. This is a continuous effort and does not end with the initial REO service.  We maintain REO properties throughout their listing period, always focusing on curb appeal and marketability.  Some of our ongoing services, such as lawn maintenance and maid services are scheduled and completed on a regular basis.  Other services, including securing and de-winterization, are completed as needed, no matter the frequency.  Regardless of the service, Lang Property Services LLC's goal is to ensure each property remains secure and marketable from the initial service through the final inspection

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are completed monthly to ensure the property is in marketable condition. The ongoing traffic of contractors, brokers, and prospective buyers in the properties during the marketing phase necessitates a routine cleaning to include: wiping down the bathroom and kitchen counters, cabinets, and drawers, mop hard-surface floors and vacuum carpeted areas.  Our goal is to keep the property clean, and therefore attractive to prospective buyers.


Re-Securing a property is inevitable.  As properties sit vacant, the risk of vandalism and theft increase.  Our contractors will watch for broken windows or doors while on-site, and if needed, boarding is completed at that time along with photos taken.  In keeping with our dedication towards communication our contractors are encouraged to work with the listing agents, so that the agents are comfortable with calling our contractors directly if they see a new problem at the property.


During a de-winterization the utilities are turned back on and water is restored to the plumbing system.  The system is also flushed on antifreeze.  A winterization is completed again once the work has been completed or the winterization season begins.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is done per investor request or city code/ordinance.  Not only are our clients concerned with keeping walkways clear for safety reasons, but a property that is inaccessible to potential buyers because of heavy snowfall is at a disadvantage over other, well-maintained properties for sale.

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining the grass is routinely done every two weeks or per investor request.  We understand the importance of curb appeal so we offer these additional services through our upgrade landscaping package: mulching, trimming bushes, gutter cleaning, pulling/spraying weeds and installing new shrubbery and flowers.

Property Maintenance / Routine Services

​Lang Property Services LLC offers a wide range of services to our clients on a regular basis including snow removal, lawn maintenance, debris removal, winterizations, inspections, fall and spring clean up, gutters, remodeling, property preservation, and REO Management Services.